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Why can’t I run valet install?

Check that you’ve added the .composer/vendor/bin or .config/composer/vendor/bin directory to your PATH in either ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc.

If you don’t want the composer global tools added to your path simply run valet install directly with the next command:

test -d ~/.composer && bash ~/.composer/vendor/bin/valet install || bash ~/.config/composer/vendor/bin/valet install

Valet home directory is inside /root

You should not run Valet as root user. It must be run with a sudo user with the $HOME environment set.

Please refer to this wiki page to fix it.

Where can I find the log files?

Valet places its log files inside the $HOME/.valet/Log folder.

You will also find all of the Valet configuration files in the $HOME/.valet directory.

valet install PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ReflectionException

This error occurs when you have old versions of packages installed. Please do a composer global update to see if that fixes your issue.

Another possible cause is a conflicting package. In that case, with the help of the command composer global show check that there are no versions of cpriego/valet-ubuntu or jmarcher/valet-linux installed.

What about the Database?

Well, your choice! You could use the superlight SQLite sqlite3, the extremely versatile MariaDB/MySQL mariadb-server or mysql-server or even the powerful PostgreSQL postgresql. Just don’t forget to install the corresponding php package for it.

Why do I get certificate errors after securing a site?

Because of the way Firefox and Chrome/Chromium/Opera/Any.Other.Blink.Based.Browser manages certificates in Linux the experience when securing a site might not be as smooth as it is in OSX.

Whenever you secure a site you’ll need to restart your testing browser so that it can trust the new certificate and you’ll have to do the same when you unsecure it.

If you have secured a domain you will not be able to share it through Ngrok.

What files does Valet Linux change?

Valet 2.0 will overwrite the Nginx, PhpFPM config files. If you’ve previously configured Nginx please backup your files before upgrading.

Why is my network connection dropped after installing or changing the TLD?

NetworkManager loves being involved in everything network-related including DNS. We configure DnsMasq through NetworkManager so your network connection might drop whenever you install Valet or change the domain. To solve this simply reconnect to your network.

Any other tips?

Oh yeah!, for those looking for a beautiful looking Database management tool like Sequel Pro but for Linux* try out Valentina Studio, it’s free, multiplatform and supports all of the databases mentioned above.

You can check it here

And download it here

* I know it is GNU/Linux but is too long and it confuses people even more