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Ubuntu (and derivates)

Requirement Description
Ubuntu version 14.04+
OS packages sudo apt-get install network-manager libnss3-tools jq xsel
PHP version 5.6+
PHP extensions php*-cli php*-curl php*-mbstring php*-mcrypt php*-xml php*-zip
Optional packages php*-sqlite3 php*-mysql php*-pgsql

Replace the star * with your php version.

Ubuntu 14.04

In order to use the valet secure command in Ubuntu 14.04 you need to add the nginx PPA because the version in the Trusty repos does not support http2.

To add the nginx ppa:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:nginx/stable
sudo apt-get update

Suported Ubuntu versions

Fedora (and derivates)

Requirement Description
Fedora version 24+
OS packages dnf install nss-tools jq xsel
PHP version 5.6+
PHP extensions dnf install php-{cli,process,mbstring,mcrypt,xml}
Optional packages sqlite3, mysql, pgsql

Regarding SELinux

Fedora users are expected to have knowledge of SELinux and how to configure or disable it while Valet makes changes to the system files, otherwise you will receive errors about changes that could not be made.

The easiest way is to set SELinux in Permissive mode.

How to set SELinux in Permissive Mode

Temporarily (until reboot): sudo setenforce 0


Arch (and derivates)

Requirement Description
OS packages pacman -S nss jq xsel networkmanager
PHP version pacman -S php ( need >= 5.6 ; check version with php -v after installing)
PHP extensions php-mcrypt ( php package comes with a lot of compiled in modules. Including cli, curl, mbstring, xml, zip. If you don’t find an extension, it could be that it is now a part of the php package. To check compiled in modules run php -m)
Optional packages php-sqlite, mysql/mariadb, php-pgsql
Composer Install composer, php package manager

Regarding sudo and root user

Valet makes automatic use of sudo to perform some of its tasks. This implies that for Valet to perform correctly your user needs to be configured as a sudo user.

Please do not, under any circumstance, install valet with root or the sudo command. Kittens could die.